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Get exclusive behind-the-scenes accounts and all the latest Festival news from our blog as performers prepare for their appearances at the Festival.


A day in the life of...a Creative Learning Officer

"We aim to liberate passion and potential that already exists in people and present it in a new light, or sometimes just give existing lights new bulbs."

Live Stream | Complicite's The Encounter

The Encounter tells the story of National Geographic photographer Loren McIntyre who, in 1969, became lost in a remote part of the Brazilian rainforest...

National Theatre of Scotland and the TEAM announced for 2016

We're delighted to announce the world premiere of a new co-production with National Theatre of Scotland and the TEAM for Festival 2016. Read more...

Pierre Boulez: 1925 - 2016

The Festival is deeply saddened to hear of the death of celebrated composer, conductor and moder

A teaser for Festival 2016

Cecilia Bartoli in Norma announced for Festival 2016

The Marriage of Figaro | Festival Comic by Graeme McNee

A comic strip about The Marriage of Figaro

Dragon | Festival Comic by Graeme McNee

Graeme McNee's comic for Dragon from Festival 2015.

Antigone | Festival Comic by Graeme McNee

Illustrator Graeme McNee focuses his artistic gaze on Antigone

Harmonium | Festival Comic by Graeme McNee

Illustrator Graeme McNee captures the magic of the Harmonium Project

Sylvie Guillem | Festival Comic by Graeme McNee

Illustrator Graeme McNee takes a unique view on Sylvie Guillem's Life in Progress

Opening Weekend 2015

What an incredible opening weekend to the 2015 Festival it has been, and we're only just

Being there

By Martin Parker, senior lecturer in Sound Design at Edinburgh College of Art

Lost for Words

Theatre Critic Matt Trueman talks to avant-garde director Herbert Fritsch about staging the ‘unstageable’ Murmel Murmel at Edinburgh International Festival 2015.

Poetry in Motion

The Scotsman's Dance Critic Kelly Apter talks to Christian Spuck and Wayne McGregor about their collaboration for the Edinburgh International Festival 2015.

Celebrating 50 years of the Edinburgh Festival Chorus

David Kettle writes about the Edinburgh Festival Chorus and 50th anniversary celebrations in 2015.

Harmonious Data

Robin Hill, a Cognitive Scientist from the University of Edinburgh, writes about data collection from the Edinburgh Festival Chorus ready for The Harmonium Project.