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SisGO Scottish Dance Theatre

Supported through the Scottish Government's Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund
With additional support from Gavin and Kate Gemmel

17 - 18 August
  • Running time: 
    1 hour approximately

SisGo's territory is minds, organs, nervous systems. Join an intimate journey into the night. Fleur Darkin merges this company of powerful dancers with the audience to create a riot of choreography. Experience new proximities to the performers in this futuristic love letter to Rudolf Laban. Soundscore includes Plastikman, Four Tet and Mortitz von Oswald. Why don't you put your hands up for Berlin... Detroit... Edinburgh? A promenade performance in the special On Stage Studio theatre.

Festival Theatre

13-29 Nicolson Street,

With additional support from
Gavin and Kate Gemmel



Performed by Scottish Dance Theatre

Choreographer Fleur Darkin

Photo: Anne Brassier

This event was part of a previous Festival and is therefore unavailable to book.

The Festival 2014 programme is now live. Visit the events block to find out more.