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Ensemble musikFabrik A tribute to Frank Zappa

Wednesday 28 August
  • Running time: 
    1 hour 45 minutes approximately

A concert of blazing energy, infectious rhythms and big sounds as Cologne-based contemporary music group Ensemble musikFabrik celebrates the sometimes outrageous music of US maverick Frank Zappa.

Led from the drumkit by superstar percussionist Dirk Rothbrust, the ensemble explores connections between Zappa’s wild creations, from the vibrant funk of Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing? to the atmospheric t’Mershi Duween, and the classical music that he so admired.

Ensemble musikFabrik also performs the remarkable Ionisationfor 13 percussionists by Zappa’s lifelong hero Edgard Varèse, a celebration of the sounds of modern city life. John Cage’s classicCredo in Us, written in response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, supplements the percussion ensemble with turntable and radioŸreceiver.

Ensemble musikFabrik… have in recent years taken their place at the forefront of music making

Süddeutsche Zeitung

'watertight big band grooves. They capture Zappa's zany theatrics but they nail his rhythms, too.'

The Guardian

Earthy and soaring concert of outrageously good musicianship to nourish the adventurous concertgoer

It takes a certain effort of imagination to accept that the man who wrote a song called 'Why Does It Hurt While I Pee?' was the greatest American composer of his time, but Ensemble MusikFabrik's A Tribute to Frank Zappa, played with the precision of keyhole surgery and the fervour of a gospel meeting, would convert anyone

The List

Usher Hall

Lothian Road



Ensemble musikFabrik

A tribute to Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa
Big Swifty
t’Mershi Duween
The Black Page
Black Page #1
The Black Page #2
Echidna’s Arf (Of You)
Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing?

John Cage
Credo in Us

Ionisation (Conducted by Carl Rosman)

Photo: Klaus Rudolph

This event was part of a previous Festival and is therefore unavailable to book.

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